Thursday, May 7, 2009

booooooooom blog time! a main concern in my life right now:

I always have friends that are leaving. not always for good, but they just feel it necessary to just go. no big plans, no preparation -- just their bodies and their means of transportation

marius is going again. and by railcar again. he wants to see chicago, I'm really going to miss him. the last time he left he didn't wait for me to get out of school to say goodbye. he just left a note in my mailbox with a playlist. I cried.
but he came back after 5 days with 5 great stories. that's more than what I've had in weeks. maybe running away is something everyone needs once in a while, just some people actually have the guts to do it

I think I'll give him a disposable to take with him so I can see chicago, too.

something that made me smile today:

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