Friday, May 22, 2009

tiny and potentially insignificant

I posted this on my myspace blog last night:

"I'm just ready:
to meet some new people

to not be afraid of getting close to someone
to keep making music
to see and experience something new
to find something extraordinary within myself
to sing
to be a better person
to be older and wiser
to feel more comfortable with myself
to keep feeling happy for others
to give something to someone else
to help
to get out of my skin and live freely and peacefully like I used to,or what I thought was free and peaceful??

I am just ready for a bit of a change and less routine in my life. oh yes."

that's basically what I've had on my mind for a couple weeks now.



Jake is gone in Wisconsin(and I think I actually might envy him for that) and I really miss him already. his absence reminded me a bit of how lucky I am to have him, though! it's funny, I turned on an old playlist this morning and Wisconsin by Bon Iver was on it. great song.

I have so much happiness and excitement all bottled up for this summer - finally Degaussed will take flight, maybe tour with SR, meet new people, learn a new instrument, travel........

I'm having one of those moments where I appreciate the transience of things!

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